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“THE DENTAL DATING GAME” TV Commercial is Live!

Welcome to “The Dental Dating Game” brought to you by Pure Dental. Guess which contestant wins on our NEW TV COMMERCIAL!

They say, “love knows no bounds.” We say it almost does. Because when it comes to first impressions, a smile really is worth a thousand words. Luckily, we’re in the business of second first impressions. That’s why we created this spot—it’s a reminder that if you truly want something, you shouldn’t have to fight tooth…and nail for it. Not when Pure Dental makes it so easy and affordable to have that perfect smile. Enjoy.  

“The Dental Dating Game” 30 sec. spot:
Ok Shana, who’s the lucky guy??
Contestant #1: Four-time Nobel prize winner, Sir Paul Mason?
Contestant #2: 8 time Grammy award winning rapper, Bling?
Contestant #3: Jr. Accountant at a mid-level firm in New Jersey, Steve?
Shana yells, “Yes! I pick STEVE”
“You saw it here folks. Perfect teeth from Pure Dental can change your life. Get a brand new smile for less than $100 per month.”

Agency: LE Graphics
Director: Corey Stein
DP: Ryan Marie Helfant
Writer: Brian Nowakowski
Thanks to our insanely good-spirited and talented cast: Joe KolbowChristina ScaglioneJustin HochLaird James Reghenas, and Lee FriedmanAn enormous thank you to our dedicated SFX wizard, Jason Milani, as well as our talented HMU angels Megan Ashley and Sarah Chester! Thanks lastly to our stellar crew and our post-gurus over at Forward Motion Media.

Could whiter teeth lead to better relationships and job growth?

#1 Dating Dealbreaker: Study Says Teeth Are Number One Standard Me87% of women would not go on a second date if the man had bad breath, according to one study.n And Women Judge Potential Dating Partners, ahead of other dating dealbreakers like bad grammar, hair or clothes.

  • Teeth top the list when it comes to judging potential dating partners, according to Match.com. Both men and women put teeth ahead of other dating faux pas like hair and clothes.
  • Survey finds that three-quarters of the nation’s men and women consider good oral health to be one of the sexiest qualities in a partner.
  • 70% of women say they won’t kiss someone they believe has poor oral health vs. 65% of men.
  • With poor hygiene topping the list of reasons women say they’ll break up with someone (women, 67% vs. men, 60%), 27% of women say they’ll break up with someone who doesn’t brush their teeth twice a day vs. 22% of men.
  • Both sexes are near-equally as attracted to someone who smiles often.
  • While hygiene is more important to women, a beautiful smile matters more to men.
  • Additionally, 40% of women say they’ll end a relationship with someone who uses their toothbrush versus only 20% of men.

Did you know that 58% of applicants are more likely to be offered a job and 53% offered a raise if their teeth are whiter! Clearly the benefits of a beautiful smile are more than just cosmetic.

At Pure Dental, it doesn’t have to cost a fortune to have a million dollar smile. Call 631-238-1705 today for a complimentary consultation.