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Why is Four Ever Smile™ the Best Choice to Replace Your Smile?

With 3 million Americans having dental implants and 500,000 being placed each year, something as technologically advanced as the Four Ever Smile™ is paramount in the dentistry world. At Pure Dental, changing people’s lives is the standard. With the affordability and convenience you need, Pure Dental gives you board-certified staff and the gold standard in dentistry, zirconia. In 4 short hours, the most defining part about you will change forever.

When you wake up with your new and improved smile, you won’t have to worry about your day-to-day life-changing. Denture wearers are 20% more likely to experience a nutrition deficiency due to the restraints it puts on their diet. Four Ever Smile™ provides the most advanced system where a zirconia bridge is placed replacing dentures altogether. Dentures exert 10% bite force that causes breaks and typically more pain. In 3 months, your Four Ever Smile™ will be healed, and you are sure to love your new pearly whites.

Dr. Keith Vibert, owner of Pure Dental is shaking the dental industry with his modernized practices, personalized services, and vast knowledge of the industry. As an innovator of the “Four Ever Smile™” implant technique, Dr. Vibert has hands-on knowledge and experience that sets him apart from his competition. Trusting Pure Dental with what you value most, is what they pride themselves on. With a 100% digital workflow, they are sure to make it as convenient and seamless as possible for you to get back to who you want to be.

Pure Dental is disrupting the dental implant industry with their Four Ever Smile™ while saving people
money and giving them the perfect smile they deserve. Call or click for your complimentary consultation today.

At Pure Dental, it doesn’t have to cost a fortune to have a million dollar smile. Call 631-238-1705 today for a complimentary consultation.