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One of the primary concerns is to make your experience at Pure Dental a positive one. Analgesics, such as novocaine or xylocaine allow most patients to experience painless dentistry. “Sedation Dentistry,” conscious or oral sedation starts by simply swallowing a pill. Although you are conscious, you may remember little to none of the procedure itself. You’ll recover in a little while, but you should have a driver to bring you home after your appointment. We are also fully trained and certified in IV Sedation. An intravenous line is inserted into your arm to provide the maximum safe level of sedative necessary to make you totally unaware of your procedure. We have a group of anesthesiologists who will preform more extensive sedation for complex cases. At Pure Dental, rest assured that our first concern is for your safety and comfort during the use of analgesics and sedatives. With a mix of both recent and time-tested techniques, we assure you that your trip to our office will be both pain and anxiety free.

Available at our Manorville, Wading River, and Buffalo locations.