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Listen to several patients whose life-changing stories will Inspire you

A Real estate Agent, Insurance broker and Bar Owner, Georgia had a significant concern about her teeth when interacting with clients. That’s when she discovered our Four Ever Smile™ procedure at Pure Dental

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See why Michael can’t stop smiling since his Four Ever Smile™ procedure

For years, Michael was afraid of the stigma that comes with removing all your teeth. After seeing one of our ads about the Four Ever Smile™, Michael was confident that Pure Dental was the right choice

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Madeline talks about her experience with replacing her teeth with a
Four Ever Smile™

Hear Madeline’s amazing transformation from having to hide her smile, to the process of receiving her new Four Ever Smile™ on both her upper and lower arches. After much research, she was thrilled to find Pure Dental in Manorville. There, all specialists and the Dental Lab is under one roof…making the procedure as precise, quick and as affordable as possible

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After years of dealing with Dental Issues, Richard found the Four Ever Smile™

Richard never thought he would find a solution to his failing and missing teeth. Having visited several dentists, he feared he would have to live his life like this. Four Ever Smile™ gave him a fully restored smile in just 4 hours. He was thrilled to discover that all specialists and the Dental Lab are under one roof…making the procedure as precise, quick, and as affordable as possible.

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Jimmy never thought he would smile in public again

Jimmy’s Ehlers-Danlos syndrome left him with failing teeth and a lot of pain. After months of searching, he finally found Dr. Keith Vibert and his cutting edge Four Ever Smile™ procedure.

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Michael reflects on what he faced when trying to replace his teeth

Michael was amazed with the technology behind our patented Four Ever Smile™ system. Being a tech-head himself, he was inspired by Dr. Vibert’s passion for innovation and quality.

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