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The Magic of the Mini

The world of technology is growing tinier and tinier, while its benefits are growing larger and larger. The world of dental technology is following suit. Allow us to introduce to you… the Mini Dental Implant!

A Mini Dental Implant is a very thin titanium screw, usually around 2 mm in diameter. Like a lock and key, this creates a perfectly smooth connection, holding your denture securely in place. A freshly seated denture rests on you gum as naturally as any other tooth in your mouth. At such a small size, no incision is needed to place the implant. No bone grafting and no sutures. The MDI  recreates the strength and support of a natural root.  Since you don’t need as much bone to place these mini implants, many people who were turned away from conventional implants are now able to receive this easy and effective solution.

MDI’s are perfect for securing dentures, replacing a missing tooth, or even an entire arch of teeth! It’s time to take advantage of the times, and if you have missing teeth or loose dentures, we can truly help you live a happier and healthier life. Mini Dental Implants can help you smile with excitement and certainty at less than half the cost of traditional implants. Call us today at 631-929-5855 to schedule your free consultation.