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The Denture Dilemma

Do you have dentures? If you do then I’m sure that you have experienced all sorts of struggles with them. Has your laughter ever been cut short because your dentures started to slip out? Does food always get stuck underneath them? And do you get sores from the loose dentures rubbing against your gums? If you are troubled by your dentures and don’t know what else to do, then you have found the right place.

We offer the solution that will solve your denture dilemma. They are called Mini Dental Implants and they could just be the miracle your mouth has been waiting for. Rather than having dentures that slip out whenever they feel like it, Mini Dental Implants can keep your dentures secured in place for the rest of your life. Often installed in just one visit at very affordable rates, you could walk out of our office with more confidence in your smile than ever before. Come in to the Mini Dental Implant Center at Pure Dental to find out if Mini Dental Implants are the answer you have been waiting for. Call for a FREE consultation at 631-929-5855.