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Why is Having an On-Site Dental Lab at Pure Dental So Beneficial?

Behind every great dentist stands a great team of dental technicians. 
Dr. Vibert has assembled a world-class digital dental lab, with highly skilled technicians that surpass the ordinary and who are extraordinary in their field.

Pure Dental consistently stays ahead of the curve in all aspects of dentistry.  We are the only office on Long Island to have a fully computerized on-site dental lab. This offers a huge number of advantages to patients, including:

Our Dentists and technicians work hand in hand and have complete control over creating your restoration for optimal quality and the best result possible. This is is especially crucial when creating complex and complete dental restorations. Our laboratory technicians can see you and your mouth to make on-the-spot adjustments. We fabricate on-site to ensure a beautiful fit and a perfect color match to your other teeth.

We understand that your time is valuable, and at Pure Dental there is no need to wait for an outside dental lab when everything can be done in our on-site dental lab. You can complete your treatment and enjoy your new smile faster. Our patients can now get a permanent porcelain crown fabricated and placed at the same visit.

With the latest digital equipment, newest porcelain materials, and multiple milling machines, we have maximum control over the size, shape, fit, and color of your restorations process. We have eliminated the messy impression and gag-inducing experience at Pure Dental with our 3D digital scanners. They provide the most accurate measurements of your teeth and the shape of your mouth ensuring a higher treatment success rate.


While saving our patients time and money, Pure Dental’s experienced dentists and professional lab technicians work together to provide the most precise fit, color, and natural feel to all your dental restorations quickly and efficiently.

Our dental lab is a major benefit that saves time and money. This is all part of making sure we give our patients the best smile possible. To learn more about how our in-house lab and years of experience in implant and cosmetic dentistry can help you, call us for an appointment.

At Pure Dental, it doesn’t have to cost a fortune to have a million-dollar smile. Call 631-246-4443 today for a complimentary consultation.