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The Mini Quiz. True or False…

You may have thought school was out for the summer, but the learning never stops here at Pure Dental.
Here are a few True or False questions about Mini Dental Implants to keep you on your toes…

Hint: They are all true. Woops! What can we say, we like to help our patients.

True or False
1. You can get mini dental implants even if you have very little bone structure in your jaw.

True or False
2. Mini Dental Implants won’t break your piggy bank.

True or False
3. Missing teeth can cause the face to change shape.

True or False
4. Mini Dental Implants can be placed in as little as one visit, as well as have you chewing on food the same day.

True or False
5. Mini Dental Implants can change your life in a not-so-mini way!

1. The magic of the Mini Dental Implant is in their size. At half the size of traditional implants, MDI’s are a more versatile option for jaws with less bone to work with.

2. MDI’s are less than half the cost of traditional implants. Get em while they’re hot!

3. 🙁 Missing teeth often causes wrinkled lips and a sunken mouth and chin. Mini Dental Implants can help reverse this process.

4. It is a very quick and easy procedure, with very little pain and minimal healing time.

5. Mini Dental Implants have been revolutionizing the lives of countless patients of ours. People tell us all the time how they feel a renewed sense of comfort, security, and joy emanating from their new smile. That makes me 🙂