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Feeling Funny About Your Fillings?

There is a common debate these days in dental offices across the world, leaving many patients wondering whether silver (amalgam) fillings or ceramic (composite) fillings are the right choice to fill their cavities.

Amalgam fillings are the silvery fillings which consist of a blend of silver, copper, and mercury. The mercury in these fillings is used as a bonding agent, and once mixed with the silver and copper it becomes harmless. However, many people are concerned about the toxic nature of mercury and its potentially harmful effects in the body. This type of filling has been used for 150 years, about a billion are placed a year, and they are very strong and long-lasting, making them the most popular and least expensive answer for filling a cavity. Both the FDA and the ADA remain confident that amalgam fillings are a safe and durable option. The other choice is the ceramic (composite) filling which looks much more natural and does not have mercury or other controversial ingredients in it. However, these fillings are more expensive and do not last as long.

While there are clear advantages and disadvantages for both, Pure Dental primarily places ceramic fillings for both cosmetic and health purposes. If you are still unsure of which route you would like to take and are having funny feelings about your fillings, call today to discuss the options with us. We are here to help.