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The TOP 5 REASONS to choose dental implants over other treatment options

# 1:
Half the patients that want implants can’t get them because they don’t have enough bone.
The PURE IMPLANT SOLUTION® can resolve that issue without bone grafts in 90% of those cases.

# 2:
75% of patients that have enough bone simply cannot afford to spend between $30-100,000 to get implants.
The PURE IMPLANT SOLUTION® has options that cost less than $5,000.

# 3:
50% of the patients who want dental implants do not qualify for financing for expensive dental treatment.
The PURE IMPLANT SOLUTION® offers close to a 95% approval rating for financing their dental treatment.

# 4:
90% of patients that want dental implants are told that it will take a minimum of 6 months to 2 years before they can have teeth.
The PURE IMPLANT SOLUTION® can place implants and deliver a non-removable prosthesis IN THE SAME DAY for at least 50% of their patients. The other 50% may take a couple of months.

# 5:
Most dental implant patients are told they need some type of bone grafting to be able to get implants.

The PURE IMPLANT SOLUTION® makes it possible for 95% of our patients not to require expensive or time consuming grafting procedures.