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There is a growing demand for dental implants in the world today, and we are proud to be offering this incredible option to those who could truly benefit from them.

Here are few a facts that show how implants (and mini implants) are helping the quality of life of millions of people today.

  • It has been estimated that 69% of Americans age 35 to 44 have at least one missing tooth, and one in four over the age of 74 have lost ALL their natural teeth.
  • More than 30 million Americans are missing ALL their teeth in one or both jaws.
  • 3 million people have implants and that number is growing by 500,000 a year!
  • The success rate of dental implants has been reported in scientific literature as 98 percent.
  • Today’s implants last longer and are easier to place and restore than implants from 25 years ago. In fact, implants are now recognized as the best choice in many cases by more specialists and generalists.
  • Most patients wearing full dentures would benefit from dental implant treatment in numerous ways. Patients need to think of implants not as an expensive luxury, but as a standard quality-of-care option.
  • As baby boomers enter their 50s, 60s, and 70s, many will need treatment to replace missing teeth. Implants represent the best treatment choice for many of these patients and others.
  • Implant treatment has become part of the core curricula of most dental schools. Today’s dental school graduates are familiar with implant treatment and the many benefits it brings to a wide variety of patients. However, only 10% of all US dentists place implants.
  • More dental insurance companies are covering some of the cost of implant treatment. An implant with a crown is usually about the same cost as a three-unit bridge, but statistically it lasts much longer. No wonder insurance companies are changing their attitudes toward implants.
  • The future of dental implants couldn’t be brighter.
  • Call us today at 631-929-5855 to find out if dental implants can help you resume the quality of life that you deserve.